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In The Works - The week of October 23th 2016 - Mid Century Sconce

Light Fixture Lighting Lite Mid Century Pill Chain Sconce Vintporium Wall Light Western Motif

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Sorry. this item is no longer avaible. Please vistit to browse our current inventory
Update: The piece is now available for sale at
Today's featured in the Works project is a vintage mid century sconce. The fixture made it's way to the Vintporium from Kingman, Arizona. The light has a brand new fixture base equipped with a pull chain and a porcelain socket, while maintaining the original western motif glass enameled shade. The item should be available in a couple of weeks with an estimated sales price of $65.00 plus shipping. Please feel free to check back and see if it is available for sale at or email us at to be put on the waiting list for the option to purchase the fixture.

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